Welcome To Our New Website!
Welcome To Our New Website!
Thringstone Primary School

Snow Leopards

The teacher in Year 5 – Snow Leopards is Mrs Hammersley and the children are supported by some of our Learning Support Assistants.

At Thringstone we follow a topic and creative based curriculum, using year group objectives from the National Curriculum.  Throughout the year topics are varied to meet the objectives and maximise children’s interest and learning.

We have an open door policy where parents are welcome in school, and this helps forge close links with home.

We expect all children to read regularly at home each week and learn their number bonds and times tables. We also encourage children to carry out weekly homework where they apply their learning, understanding and skills.

Important things your child should have in school:
• A drinks bottle
• Change of shoes for inside school – eg plimsolls
• A PE bag consisting of any plain T-shirt, a pair of shorts, plimsolls
• A bag to carry a reading record and books
• Appropriate clothing for the weather

Please ensure all your child’s things are named as a lot of school clothing is the same

Snow Leopards have made a great start to the new school year. During the first term we are going back in time for our history based ‘Dynamic Dynasties’ topic. In this topic, children learn about periods of ancient Chinese History. They explore a timeline of the first five Chinese dynasties and learn about legends surrounding the beginning of Chinese civilisation. We have studies oracle bones, learnt about religious beliefs and explored bronze artefacts that set the Shang Dynasty apart from other civilisations. We have studies hierarchy and discovered who was powerful and who was powerless. In English, we have written narrative poems and biographies. During Year 5 we will study many different genres of writing including journalistic, persuasive, informative, poetry, as well as fiction and non-fiction writing. In Science we have been learning about the forces of gravity, air resistance, water resistance and friction, with children exploring their effects. We are really looking forward to our next Science topic on Space. We have really enjoyed our Music lessons so far this year. We love Wednesdays when we have the opportunity to learn and play the Djembe drums. In our PE lessons we work with Year 6 and have lots of opportunities to learn new skills and play new games too. We can take part in competitions outside of school. We go swimming every week and enjoy learning all sorts of strokes and skills. 
Forest School lessons are exciting, using our school grounds to create and nurture. We are really enjoying the outdoor adventure activities this half term, where we are able to build our teamwork skills. We are looking forward to our other topics that we will cover this year. Looking at how vegetables grow and harvesting our own form the school garden, is amazing, in the topic ‘Sow Grow Farm.’ Cooking each week allows us to use these to create fabulous foods from recipes. We also study the Greeks and we look at the wonderful history and geography of the area that we live in.