Welcome To Our New Website!
Welcome To Our New Website!
Thringstone Primary School


The teacher in Year 1 – Pandas is Miss Bowers.  The children are also supported by some of our Learning Support Assistants. 

At Thringstone we follow a topic and creative based curriculum, using year group objectives from the National Curriculum. Throughout the year topics are varied to meet the objectives and maximise children’s interest and learning.

We have an open door policy where parents are welcome in school, and this helps forge close links with home.

We expect all children to read regularly at home each week and learn their number bonds and times tables. We also encourage children to carry out weekly homework where they apply their learning, understanding and skills.

Important things your child should have in school:
• A drinks bottle
• A PE bag consisting of any plain T-shirt, a pair of shorts, plimsolls
• A bag to carry a reading record and books
• Appropriate clothing for the weather

Please ensure all your child’s things are named as a lot of school clothing is the same.

Pandas have had a fantastic autumn term.

Books are an integral part of our classroom and learning, and they bring us so much joy! We love big books, small books, old books, new books, topic books, pop-up books, and all else in-between. Here are a few of the many pictures Miss Bowers has taken of us enjoying our ‘book rich’ classroom.

In Maths, we have had fun using equipment to help us with our learning. Here we are practising number bonds to 10, using our hands as the two parts of a part-whole model. Hiding one of the parts in our closed hand helps our learning partner recall the number bond from their long-term memory.

In Science, we have been learning about different materials. We have explored the properties of different materials and undertaken experiments to find out which materials are best for certain objects. Here we are sorting a variety of objects into material categories.

In Art, we have been working on mixing primary and secondary colours. We loved experimenting with how much of the primary colours to add together, and how that changed the hue.

In PE, we have become passionate dancers. In this picture here we were moving as if we were ice-skaters. Our dance routine had to include a form of travel, a balance and a jump.

In PSHE, we have discussed the different communities that we belong to. We talked about how we all belong to Thringstone School, The United Kingdom and the world but we liked hearing about the different groups that all our friends belong to.

There simply isn’t enough time or space to tell you about all of the amazing things that we have been doing. Just know, we are working hard, have a great time, and believing and achieving together!