Welcome To Our New Website!
Welcome To Our New Website!
Thringstone Primary School

Breakfast Club and After School Provision - Kids Cabin

Breakfast Club
Our Activity Breakfast Club runs every morning before school from 7.30am. Breakfast includes fruit juice, a choice of healthy cereal, yoghurt and toast.

 The children are fully supervised until the start of school. Children are able to use the ICT suite, play table tennis, use a variety of craft resources and play games.

The Cost is £3 per session from 8.00am or £5.00 per session if arriving before 8.00am.  The fees must be paid for on the day or in advance.
If you are interested in your children attending breakfast club, please contact the school office on 01530 222489 or email: office@thringstone.leics.sch.uk 

After School Provision - Kids Cabin

Kids Cabin, an ofsted registered childcare provider offers after school provision at Thringstone for children aged 3 to 11.
The club is run by Kids Cabin, however one of our members of staff is employed  by the provider and runs the club at Thringstone.